Understanding Real Estate Auctions with Craig Buford

What’s the difference between a real estate auction and other types of auctions that you might be familiar with? What different types of real estate auctions are there? Listen in to today’s episode to hear from Craig Buford, who has what he calls an auction-centric real estate company in Oklahoma City. Craig discusses what to look for in auctioneers, what an auctioneers chant is all about, and what types of auctions are possible. Topics discussed in this episode: Craig’s current role Craig’s background in rodeo Craig’s work in multiple states The size of Craig’s team How to grade auctioneers What … Read more

Property Red Flags to Look Out For In California

California is huge, with multiple types of climate and several different cultures depending on where you are in the state. So if you’re interested in investing in land here: get ready for a huge price tag.  Land in California is some of the most expensive property you’ll find in the country.  That doesn’t mean that it’s all worth that high price. If you’re looking at land in California, here are the top red flags to look out for!  Don’t make the mistake of ignoring these. Unclear or Vague Zoning Requirements Zoning requirements should be clean in whichever areas you’re looking … Read more

How Can I Tell The Value of My Land?

Many property owners are looking at the current market and realizing their land could be worth a pretty penny.  If you’re one of these people, asking yourself, ‘how much should I sell my land for?’ you’re not alone.  Unfortunately, many people make poor deals or don’t research thoroughly enough and end up accepting a lower price than they should: here’s how to know the value of your property. How Rural is Your Land? Where is your land?  Are you within a few miles of a major city, or is your property hours out from any location with a large population?  … Read more

Understanding the Farm Credit System with Phil Peabody

What is the farm credit system, and what’s the value of cooperative ownership? This is what today’s guest is going to be explaining in today’s episode. In this interview, you’ll hear from Phil Peabody, the Chief Lending Officer at Capital Farm Credit. Capital Farm Credit does more than just help customers purchase land, it gives them additional options after they complete the acquisition of their land. Listen in to hear Phil talk about why you might want to use a farm credit association, what happens after you become a customer, and what first-time buyers can do to prepare to buy … Read more

If You Own A Farm You Should Be On The Lookout For These Tax Breaks!

If you are one of the successful individuals that owns a country property with significant acreage, you could be able to score several tax breaks. Owning a large property often comes with large property taxes. However, if you are willing to operate a small farm on your property, you will qualify for several tax breaks. If you are interested in learning more about the tax breaks set aside for farmland, you will want to continue reading below.  Tax Benefits of Owning a Farm Farmland is eligible for several tax breaks. The most common tax breaks are set aside for cattle … Read more

Leaving Urban life for the Country lifestyle with Cathy Cole

If you want more of country life, but still want to be part of a close community, Cathy’s part of Texas might be the right place for you. Cathy is the Owner and Principal for Compass Country Properties Group and one of the best-known real estate agents in Texas. Listen in to hear what Cathy has to say about the importance of a farm expert, managing a professional reputation, and getting involved with a local community.      Topics discussed in this episode: How Cathy got into Country Properties What Compass brings to the business Why it’s important for Compass … Read more

Will a Pond Increase Your Property Value?

Most people enjoy living near a body of water where they can swim and otherwise recreate. For some people their preferred body of water is a lake or the ocean. However, these days more and more people are developing ponds on their property so they can get in the water without ever having to leave their land. While this trend appears to be a worthwhile investment, most landowners will want to know how much value a pond adds to a property before digging up their land. Therefore, this guide will take a look at the factors surrounding the potential value … Read more

The Costs You Will Want to Anticipate if You Want to Own a Horse Ranch

Owning and operating a horse ranch is a lofty endeavor. Have you ever asked yourself how much does a horse ranch cost? Obviously, owning a ranch will come with upfront costs related to the property costs, development fees, and taxes, but the endeavor will also require you to purchase horses and complete the steps to register your horse ranch as an accredited business. Most of the costs associated with owning a horse ranch will actually be associated with the cost of owning horses themselves. Therefore, below this guide will explore the various costs associated with purchasing and owning horses and … Read more

Purchasing Woodland: Money Does Grow on Trees

Every few years, it seems real estate experts change their stance on whether purchasing woodland property is a solid investment. Some years experts state that investors would be better off purchasing cleared land perfect for development, and other years these same experts will state nothing is worth more than woodland property. So, it’s easy to imagine you might be confused whether purchasing woodland property is the right move for you. Below the details surrounding the value of woodland property are explored and discussed in more detail. What Affects the Value of Woodland Property The value of residential property is determined … Read more

Land Trust: How You Can Use it to Purchase Property

This guide will take a look at land trusts, explore exactly what they are, and explain how a land trust can be utilized to purchase property. In addition, this guide will also take a look at the various benefits land trusts can provide. If you are an individual who is looking to purchase real estate properties, you should continue reading below to see if a land trust is the right move for you and your future investments.  What is a Land Trust?  The simplest land trust definition is: an agreement formed between a land owner and another party that gives … Read more