• Is It Worth Investing In Undeveloped Land?

    Undeveloped land has a reputation for being hard and expensive to get to industry standards: but should it?  Property values have skyrocketed, with more people and companies looking to buy land and less land available than ever before.  If you’re considering flipping a property and selling it fully developed, you’re not alone! Is buying undeveloped land worth it, though?  Here’s how to tell. The Difference Between Developed and Undeveloped Land Developed land and undeveloped land are very different, simply because of the work that’s gone into them.  Developed land has had time and money to create a space where anyone … Read more

  • What Amount of Property Is Enough for a Home?

    Property prices are skyrocketing, and many people are rethinking how much property they need to build a home.  If you’re on the fence about things and aren’t sure if buying a smaller property is worth it or if you can afford even the smallest plot of land possible: you’re not alone!  Developers and homebuyers alike are opening their minds to smaller properties: here’ what you need to know. What’s the Average Plot Size? The average property size has been shrinking for years. However, in the last ten years, the average new property size has dropped by 2,000 square feet while … Read more

  • A Guide on Buying Land in the USA Without Citizenship

    If you’re not from the United States, but you want property here, you’re not alone!  Many people can see the value in investing in land and businesses in this country and turning it around for profit.  If you’re interested but aren’t sure what the laws and rules are for American property ownership, here’s a quick guide on what buying land in the USA means for you and what you have to know before taking this journey. Anyone Can Buy Property In the USA Although many assume that you need citizenship or a green card to buy land in the United … Read more

  • How A Small Farm Can Turn a Big Profit

    Farming is one of the oldest professions; it’s honest work that allows you to grow life while still making a great profit.  Unfortunately, many people don’t plan very far ahead and wonder why their farms don’t turn out as much of a profit as they expected. However, a farm of any size, even just a couple of acres, can make a ton of money if it chooses the right crops, is well maintained, and circulates new crops every season.  Here’s how to start a small farm for profit and why building a small farm from scratch might be the right … Read more

  • The Highs and Lows of Leasing Land

    With the cost of properties skyrocketing, many turn to land lease ownership instead of buying a property outright. But, of course, with the lower prices and fewer legal obligations, many flaws can make this the wrong choice for some people.  If you’re considering leasing a property, these are the most important highs and lows to keep in mind during your decision-making process. What Is A Land Lease? When considering the pros and cons of land lease property, it’s a good idea to know what a lease is.  Most leased property is land that the renter is allowed to use and … Read more

  • Land Flipping: The Dos and Don’ts

    Land flipping has been around for as long as real estate has: yet it’s suddenly getting a lot of attention.  Although the cost of properties with residences on them is sky-rocketing, there are still properties without buildings that you can find for less than five thousand dollars apiece.  That sounds wild, but many assume if you put the time and money into developing them, you could get a lot of money out of it. You could get money out of it without even changing anything. So here are the top dos and don’ts of land flipping and what could make … Read more