Leaving Urban life for the Country lifestyle with Cathy Cole

If you want more of country life, but still want to be part of a close community, Cathy’s part of Texas might be the right place for you. Cathy is the Owner and Principal for Compass Country Properties Group and one of the best-known real estate agents in Texas. Listen in to hear what Cathy has to say about the importance of a farm expert, managing a professional reputation, and getting involved with a local community. 

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Cathy got into Country Properties
  • What Compass brings to the business
  • Why it’s important for Compass to have a farm expert
  • Best recommendations for somebody who is looking to leave the urban lifestyle for a more country lifestyle
  • Farmers’ markets in the area
  • Whether more younger families moved during COVID, and where they came from
  • Reputation management for new agents
  • The Texas Real Estate Center
  • Industry in the area
  • Cathy’s involvement with the community and local boards
  • How to get involved in the community
  • The population of Brenham
  • The importance of the Realtor Land Institute and how Cathy feels about it
  • What an ALC means
  • Why Cathy has been nicknamed “dirt girl”
  • Compass’s marketing
  • How to reach Cathy


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