Understanding the Farm Credit System with Phil Peabody

What is the farm credit system, and what’s the value of cooperative ownership? This is what today’s guest is going to be explaining in today’s episode. In this interview, you’ll hear from Phil Peabody, the Chief Lending Officer at Capital Farm Credit. Capital Farm Credit does more than just help customers purchase land, it gives them additional options after they complete the acquisition of their land. Listen in to hear Phil talk about why you might want to use a farm credit association, what happens after you become a customer, and what first-time buyers can do to prepare to buy property.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Phil got into this business
  • How Capital Farm Credit works organizationally
  • How the industry and organization have changed
  • Why you might choose to use a farm credit service
  • How this buyer’s journey prepares them for buying land
  • What happens after becoming a customer of Capital Farm Credit
  • Other capital farm credit associations in Texas
  • Handling a market like 2021’s
  • How first-time buyers can prepare
  • The company’s investment in data and systems
  • What’s coming up to help the company keep finding new data and information
  • Phil’s vision for the next five years
  • What the farm credit system is there to do 
  • What the organization does with 4H and the universities in Texas
  • How Capital Farm Credit fits into overall Texas land ownership
  • What sets Capital Farm Credit apart from every other organization
  • How the stockholders help feed the US and the world
  • Resources on the Capital Farm Credit website


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