Understanding the Farm Credit System with Phil Peabody

What is the farm credit system, and what’s the value of cooperative ownership? This is what today’s guest is going to be explaining in today’s episode. In this interview, you’ll hear from Phil Peabody, the Chief Lending Officer at Capital Farm Credit. Capital Farm Credit does more than just help customers purchase land, it gives them additional options after they complete the acquisition of their land. Listen in to hear Phil talk about why you might want to use a farm credit association, what happens after you become a customer, and what first-time buyers can do to prepare to buy … Read more

Leaving Urban life for the Country lifestyle with Cathy Cole

If you want more of country life, but still want to be part of a close community, Cathy’s part of Texas might be the right place for you. Cathy is the Owner and Principal for Compass Country Properties Group and one of the best-known real estate agents in Texas. Listen in to hear what Cathy has to say about the importance of a farm expert, managing a professional reputation, and getting involved with a local community.      Topics discussed in this episode: How Cathy got into Country Properties What Compass brings to the business Why it’s important for Compass … Read more

Finding the Right Ranch with Jim Brosche

Today’s guest explains that when a buyer finds the right piece of property, they’ll feel a connection with it – they’ll know, almost instinctively, that they’re at the right place. He knows something about it, because he’s not just a real estate agent, he’s a rancher as well. Jim Brosche is a Ranch Realtor with Compass Real Estate in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. Listen in to today’s interview to hear Jim discuss his story, his relationships with his buyers, and what he’s learned from working his own land as well as selling ranch land to others.     … Read more

Leveraging Tech in Real Estate with Kasey Mock

Technology is part of the future of real estate, but agents need to be sure that they’re using the tech, and that it’s not the tech using them. That’s one of the important subjects discussed today with Kasey Mock, director of KW Land at Keller Williams Realty International and owner of Mock Ranches. Listen in to hear what Kasey has to say about technology, the future of real estate, and 1031 exchanges. Choose how you would like to listen below.     Topics discussed in this episode: Kasey’s background How Kasey got into the land business AgriLife extension Whether Kasey’s … Read more

Land.US’s Gift Guide: Top 10 American-Made Gifts for Ranch Owners in 2020

Land.US’s Gift Guide: Top 10 American-Made Gifts for Ranch Owners in 2020 With the holiday season well under way, it can be tricky to find the perfect gift for a ranch owner or farmer (or to make your own Christmas wishlist!). It’s extra hard to find products that guarantee tough, American-made quality. That’s why we at Land.US have put together our gift guide to the top ten American-made gifts for ranch and farm owners in 2020. Chosen for their durability, quality, and brand reliability, here are our picks. 1. Danner’s Bull Run Moc Toe Boots Price: $190.00 Our recommendation: Every … Read more

16 Questions to Ask When Buying Land

Are you getting ready to purchase a piece of land? While the deal might sound attractive, it is vital not to rush your decision. We prepared a list of questions to ask when buying land to receive critical information about the property. They should give you a knowledgeable decision about whether to proceed with the purchase! 1. Are There any Problems with Land Boundaries? Is the neighbor claiming to own a portion of that land? You don’t want to risk planting or investing in a property that won’t be legally yours or comes with a variety of issues. Ask for … Read more

COVID-19 Is Prompting Wealthy People to Move Out of Cities. The Plague Had the Same Effect Hundreds of Years Ago

Source: Time Click here for full article As the end of summer approaches, debates over schools re-opening in countries across the world have parents, teachers and authorities all facing difficult choices amid the coronavirus pandemic. Those decisions have also become part of what has become, in some places, a broader trend of urban flight: In New York City, for examples, some wealthy families have left Manhattan for good and plan to enroll their children in schools closer to their second homes in places like the Hamptons. And the school decision is just one facet of the exodus. The pandemic’s early months were marked by high-profile incidents of people—including U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s top … Read more

Fully Restored Castle in Michigan Towers Over the Competition

Source: Realtor.com Click here for full article All pictures are provided by Realtor.com What do an eccentric violinist, a banker, and a newlywed couple all have in common? The answer is as fascinating as the unlikely grouping: a castle. That’s right. A real, stone, medieval-style castle like something straight out of a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. After returning home from his travels in the 1920s, Helmer put his wealth—plus a hefty inheritance of land from his father, a banker—into making his Gothic dreams a reality, right in the middle of Jackson, MI. The result is a meticulously maintained stone castle, … Read more

Must-See Underground House in Texas Is Crazy With Color and Extremely Private

Source: Realtor.com Click here for full article All pictures are provided by Realtor.com and Sky High Imaging It’s difficult to spot the home on this plot of 40 acres near Buffalo, TX. Which is exactly the way the owner wants it—the home is entirely underground. “It’s completely covered by earth,” says the listing agent, Terri Alexander. “I’m not sure that I know of another one like this in Texas, not completely underground, the way this one is. It’s different. It’s going to take somebody very eclectic that wants to purchase a house—because it is out there.” Listed for $2.25 million, the residence consists of a … Read more

Debunking 3 Coronavirus Real Estate Myths

Source: Realtor Magazine Click here for full article Some Americans may be under the impression that high unemployment rates and recession are prompting a gloomy housing picture. They’re wrong. Home buyers may be in for a surprise, and homeowners may be missing out on opportunities if they fall for some common myths going around about the housing market. Consider these two headlines based on housing reports from the National Association of REALTORS® alone: Contract Signings Make a ‘Remarkable’ Move and Existing-Home Sales Surge to Record Pace in June. Realtor.com® highlights a few common COVID-19-related myths that may need some debunking: Myth #1: It’s … Read more