Understanding the Farm Credit System with Phil Peabody

What is the farm credit system, and what’s the value of cooperative ownership? This is what today’s guest is going to be explaining in today’s episode. In this interview, you’ll hear from Phil Peabody, the Chief Lending Officer at Capital Farm Credit. Capital Farm Credit does more than just help customers purchase land, it gives … Read more

16 Questions to Ask When Buying Land

Are you getting ready to purchase a piece of land? While the deal might sound attractive, it is vital not to rush your decision. We prepared a list of questions to ask when buying land to receive critical information about the property. They should give you a knowledgeable decision about whether to proceed with the … Read more

COVID-19 Is Prompting Wealthy People to Move Out of Cities. The Plague Had the Same Effect Hundreds of Years Ago

Source: Time Click here for full article As the end of summer approaches, debates over schools re-opening in countries across the world have parents, teachers and authorities all facing difficult choices amid the coronavirus pandemic. Those decisions have also become part of what has become, in some places, a broader trend of urban flight: In New York City, for … Read more

Must-See Underground House in Texas Is Crazy With Color and Extremely Private

Source: Realtor.com Click here for full article All pictures are provided by Realtor.com and Sky High Imaging It’s difficult to spot the home on this plot of 40 acres near Buffalo, TX. Which is exactly the way the owner wants it—the home is entirely underground. “It’s completely covered by earth,” says the listing agent, Terri Alexander. “I’m not … Read more

Debunking 3 Coronavirus Real Estate Myths

Source: Realtor Magazine Click here for full article Some Americans may be under the impression that high unemployment rates and recession are prompting a gloomy housing picture. They’re wrong. Home buyers may be in for a surprise, and homeowners may be missing out on opportunities if they fall for some common myths going around about … Read more