Will Building A Pole Barn Add Value to Your Property?

The real estate market is always changing. Property values go up and down consistently, sometimes without warning. However, if you are a property owner searching for ways to increase your land’s value, you can almost always count on property improvement or property additions. One of the most popular property improvements land owners are interested in these days is a pole barn. But, you are probably asking yourself, will building a pole barn add value to your property?  How Much Value Does a Pole Barn Add to a Property Adding new buildings and structures to a property is always a great … Read more

Best Places to Live with a Horse in the United States

Obviously, if you were to ever crowdsource an answer to the question at hand, you would end up with a variety of answers. The truth is that the United States hosts a plethora of locations that are very suitable for equestrian enthusiasts and their animals. However, there are a few places that do more than just check a few boxes on a horse’s wish lists. The places discussed in further detail below are the best places horse lovers can live in the United States, because of their dedication to the equestrian lifestyle, the access they provide to equestrian recreation areas, … Read more

5 Vital Qualities Land Buyers Look for in a Plot of Land

When land buyers are on the search for their next purchase there are several qualities they look for in a plot of land. A particular plot of land may still be a good investment if it lacks one or two of the vital qualities on a property evaluation checklist. However, if a property is equipped with all of the qualities it is sure to attract a lot of attention from potential buyers. In particular, there are five main vital qualities buyers look for in a piece of property. These five qualities are discussed in further detail below. Therefore, whether you … Read more

Finding the Right Ranch with Jim Brosche

Today’s guest explains that when a buyer finds the right piece of property, they’ll feel a connection with it – they’ll know, almost instinctively, that they’re at the right place. He knows something about it, because he’s not just a real estate agent, he’s a rancher as well. Jim Brosche is a Ranch Realtor with Compass Real Estate in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. Listen in to today’s interview to hear Jim discuss his story, his relationships with his buyers, and what he’s learned from working his own land as well as selling ranch land to others.     … Read more

Leveraging Tech in Real Estate with Kasey Mock

Technology is part of the future of real estate, but agents need to be sure that they’re using the tech, and that it’s not the tech using them. That’s one of the important subjects discussed today with Kasey Mock, director of KW Land at Keller Williams Realty International and owner of Mock Ranches. Listen in to hear what Kasey has to say about technology, the future of real estate, and 1031 exchanges. Choose how you would like to listen below.     Topics discussed in this episode: Kasey’s background How Kasey got into the land business AgriLife extension Whether Kasey’s … Read more

Should You Consider Selling Your Land?

Even if you are interested in selling your land, it can be tough to determine when exactly you should part ways with the property. Obviously, there is no one answer to this debate. However, there are a few different factors you can keep in mind and be on the lookout for when trying to anticipate when you should sell. Down below these factors are explored and discussed in more detail as we try to answer the question every eager property investor is asking: when should I sell my property? Selling Your Land: The Right Mindset When you are approaching a … Read more

Property Value & Property Taxes: How They Affect Each Other

It seems every year, property tax season sneaks up on property owners across the country. These taxes are normally approached with surprise and shock, for the process that determines exactly how much you owe in property taxes is less than straightforward. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. If you are dreading seeing your property taxes this year, because each and every year you are confused as to how the amounts you owe are formed you should continue reading below. This guide will take a look at how the value of your property affects the amount of property taxes … Read more

Here is Why Texas Land Owners Should Get Their Land Appraised

  Texas property appraisals are an essential step in owning land in the state. While some land owners are fully aware of the land appraisal process and the benefits it provides, most Texas land owners are not. The following guide will look at the various benefits having a recent appraisal done on your Texas land can provide. Following these benefits, this guide will also take a look at how you can find a skilled property appraiser to give your land a look.  The Benefits of Having Your Property Appraised Having your Texas land appraised can provide several benefits. The most … Read more

Trying to Lease Your Land for Hunting in Texas? Here is What You Need to Know!

If you have a plot of land in Texas that you are not using or acreage attached to your home property that you rarely take advantage of, leasing your land out for hunting might be for you. Leasing your land out for hunting is a great way to use your land to bring in additional funds that otherwise you wouldn’t be able to achieve. Leasing your land out is also great for hunters, who are consistently looking for additional places to hunt in Texas. If leasing your land out for hunting seems like the right step for you and your … Read more

Wild Hogs Destroying Your Property?: Try These 4 Tips

Anyone that has dealt with feral hogs or is currently struggling with populations of the species knows what a nightmare these creatures can be. A population of feral hogs can uproot and transform the footprint of an entire property in little time. How exactly are you supposed to control or eliminate the species from your property?  Hunting for feral hogs is normally a property owner’s first gut reaction when they begin to ask themselves how to get rid of wild hogs from their land. However, while this seems like a surefire solution to the problem, hunting is rarely ever enough … Read more