Purchasing Land in 2021: Your Next Excellent Investment

While owning lavish and productive real estate properties is more glamorous and eye catching, purchasing plots of raw land is an excellent investment strategy. The value of raw land has long been talked about as a positive investment because of its likelihood to produce high returns through passive income and larger profit margins than real estate investment. However, in 2021 the value of raw land and its investment potential is expected to skyrocket to new heights. 

This increased value and attention is expected due to several factors including urban flight, the desire for individual property, and the increased desire to cultivate peace of mind. All three of these factors are a direct response to the covid-19 pandemic, which required individuals to quarantine and self-reflect upon what they wanted out of their lives. Raw land investment is not the only discourse that will be drastically affected by the events of 2020, though buying land in 2021 is surely an excellent investment. 

Urban Flight

The events of 2020 taught individuals, particularly those who are citizens of the United States, that their developed metropolis homes may not be as safe and ideal as they once thought. As covid-19 cases continue to rise across the major cities of the country, more and more individuals are leaving cities like Los Angeles and New York for more rural and less developed areas. Raw land in these areas is becoming more and more desired. Therefore, the prices of raw land are only going to continue to rise as this trend continues in the coming months and years. The perfect time to invest in plots of land is now! 

Though a good percentage of individuals moving away from the country’s largest cities  are desiring land in rural areas, other cities in the country are also experiencing population booms and increased interest. Cities such as Austin, Texas could see significant migration numbers in the coming year. 

Desire for Individual Property

Purchasing land in 2021 is also an excellent investment, because the events of 2020 have persuaded more and more individuals to own their own property. When the United States issued its mandatory quarantine and lockdown, the people affected the most were those in large cities who lived within small apartments. Individuals living upon acres of their own land were still able to enjoy their property and the benefits it provided. However, individuals in an urban apartment were forced to remain indoors and away from any of their neighbors. This desire for individual property, like urban flight, will drastically increase the demand for land. Therefore, once again making the purchase of land an excellent investment in 2021. 

Peace of Mind

In addition to the desire for individual property and urban flight, purchasing land in 2021 is an excellent investment as more and more individuals are looking to cultivate peace of mind. The covid-19 pandemic and other events of 2020 showed how fragile city life and well being is and left many individuals concerned for their safety and future. This concern is causing more and more individuals to search for living arrangements that can provide peace of mind. There is no living arrangement that grants more freedom, than owning your own land. 

Raw Land in 2021

The events of 2020 will forever change the social, economic, and political landscapes of the United States. These events also are attributing to urban flight, the desire for individual property, and the desire to cultivate peace of mind. All three of these factors will lead to an increased demand for land. Therefore, purchasing land in 2021 is an excellent investment that is sure to produce high returns and large margins. If you are looking to find land for sale in your area you should visit Land.us.