5 Ways To Boost The Value of Your Rural Property

These days, more and more property buyers are looking to score the perfect rural location. As world events, like the pandemic, and the ever growing crowds of the city pressure individuals to change their outlook on life, the demand for rural property is only expected to continue to increase dramatically. However, if you currently own rural property you may be wondering what you can do to increase the value of your property. If this circumstance sounds familiar, you are probably also trying to anticipate what buyers are looking for in a rural setting, and what you can do to address these needs. If any of this is true, you should continue reading below for a few suggestions. 

1. Improve Access to Your Property

One of the main attractions of owning rural property is the peace and quiet that comes along with the solitude. However, very few people want to own a piece of property that is very challenging to access. Buyers looking for rural property are almost always looking to make sure the property is easy to access. Improving the access to your property by adding a gravel or even paved driveway could improve property value and separate your listing from others when it comes time to sell. 

2. Improve Utility Access & Connections

Improving property value in a rural setting almost always coincides with improving the ease of access the property has to utilities. Is your property currently hooked up to a sanitary sewer system? If not, your property is most likely connected to a septic system. Inspecting this system, repairing it, and keeping a record of these repairs and improvements is another solid way to increase your property value. Potential buyers will want to know that the septic system is something they will not have to worry about when buying your property. Improving the access your property has to liquid propane is another great way to improve utility access. 

3. Highlight Historic Features & Community 

Living in a rural environment comes with a slew of benefits that buyers moving from the city are looking to take advantage of. Two of these benefits are a greater sense of community and living on land in close proximity to several historic features. If your rural property has any historic features, this is something you should definitely highlight when it comes time to sell to increase the price you can realistically ask for your property. Not all rural properties are historic. However, if yours is in some way, this could separate your listing from others in the nearby area. 

4. Installing High Speed Internet & Cable TV

Of course, you bought your property in its rural setting to get away from the advances of modern cities. However, not all buyers will be looking to rough it as much as others. Therefore, installing high speed internet and cable, or even having the hookups installed so others may do so in the future, could highly increase the appeal of your property. Subsequently, this appeal would translate into an increase in property value. 

Increasing the Value of Your Rural Property

As you now know, when asking what raises property value it is important to anticipate the needs and wants of rural property buyers. Most buyers looking for rural property will be doing so to escape the confines of the city and live a more laid back lifestyle. However, these same buyers most likely don’t want accessing the property or hooking up utilities on the property to be a challenge. Addressing and improving these two areas of your property is a great way to increase the property’s overall value. In addition, you can also look to install modern features like high speed internet and highlight the surrounding community.