Wild Hogs Destroying Your Property?: Try These 4 Tips

Anyone that has dealt with feral hogs or is currently struggling with populations of the species knows what a nightmare these creatures can be. A population of feral hogs can uproot and transform the footprint of an entire property in little time. How exactly are you supposed to control or eliminate the species from your property? 

Hunting for feral hogs is normally a property owner’s first gut reaction when they begin to ask themselves how to get rid of wild hogs from their land. However, while this seems like a surefire solution to the problem, hunting is rarely ever enough to control a population. Hunters are not successful enough at removing individuals to keep up with the fast reproduction rates of the hogs. Though, if you currently have hogs on your property you are not out of luck just yet. Try these four tips: 

1. Establish a Profile of the Feral Hog Population

How many hogs do you have on your property? When are they active? Where are they most active? Answering these three questions is a great way to begin managing the population of feral hogs you have on your property. Once you understand the habits of the wild hog population and know exactly what you are up against, you can begin to plan out how to get rid of the hogs. 

2. Wild Hog Repellent 

One of the best wild hog deterrents is a product called Wild Hog Scram. This product is completely non-toxic and can be safely used around your home and the rest of your property. When using this product to repel the wild hogs, you will want to use a rotary sprayer. The product should be dispersed at around one pound per 600 square feet. When starting to apply the product you should work in areas where you have noticed the most feral hog activity and then work to areas where their activity is limited. For more sensitive areas, like gardens or crop fields, you can spread the product using the scoop provided. 

3. Trapping Wild Hogs

If you have successfully dosed your property with Wild Hog Scram and the wild hog population is still persistent, you may need to move on to trapping the wild hogs on your property. You can purchase large live humane traps that will allow you to capture the feral hogs and transport them to another location. When trapping for the hogs, you will want to bait the traps with some type of food, and then place them in areas where you notice the feral hogs consistently working. After you trap a feral hog, you can contact animal control to help you relocate the animal. 

4. Staying Persistent

No matter how grave your feral hog situation looks, it can always get worse. The best way to start to control this population is by staying persistent and committed to the wild hog removal practices you have implemented on your property. You may have early success relocating a few pigs. However, if you fail to remove all of the female hogs from your property, you could see the population continue to rise despite your efforts. Feral pigs reproduce at a very fast rate. Therefore, remaining proactive and working fast to attack your feral hog problem will be key to your success. 

Wild Hog Nightmare

Ask any wildlife biologist and they will tell you exactly how much of a nightmare invasive wild hogs can be. If you don’t have wild hogs on your property, you should consider yourself extremely lucky. However, if you do it’s time to get to work. The longer you wait to address the problem, the harder it is going to be to remove the entire population. Appling Wild Hog Scram around your property and placing live traps for the wild hogs is your best bet at reclaiming your land