Here is Why Texas Land Owners Should Get Their Land Appraised


Texas property appraisals are an essential step in owning land in the state. While some land owners are fully aware of the land appraisal process and the benefits it provides, most Texas land owners are not. The following guide will look at the various benefits having a recent appraisal done on your Texas land can provide. Following these benefits, this guide will also take a look at how you can find a skilled property appraiser to give your land a look. 

The Benefits of Having Your Property Appraised

Having your Texas land appraised can provide several benefits. The most important benefits and up to date appraisal can provide are: 

  • Peace of Mind
  • Ease of Obtaining Property Insurance
  • Evidence to Support Tax Disputes
  • Ease of Estate Settlements

These benefits are explained in more detail below. 

Peace of Mind

When you have had a property value assessment recently completed for your property, you will more than likely be more confident when making decisions that involve your land. This increase in confidence will give you peace of mind when you either decide to sell your property or invest more into improving it, as you know exactly what your property is currently worth. 

Ease of Obtaining Property Insurance

Most insurance agencies require an up to date property assessment in order to provide the right insurance coverage. Having your land appraised beforehand will not only speed up the insurance process, but it will also make sure that you are aware of your property’s value and how much insurance coverage you need. 

Evidence to Support Tax Disputes

Property taxes are no fun. These taxes are even less fun, when you feel like you are consistently over paying given the value of your land. Having a Texas property assessment done on your land will allow you to better understand your taxes and accumulate hard evidence to effectively support your tax disputes. Since the real estate market fluctuates frequently, you could be overpaying on your taxes based off of an old property assessment. However, having an up to date property appraisal done on your land will allow you to eliminate this old property value and get your taxes up to date. 

Ease of Estate Settlements

Hopefully, divorce or a death in the family is something you never have to deal with. However, in the event either of these occur to you and your spouse, you will want to have a current value for your land. In the event of a divorce, the value of your property will be included by the division of marital assets. Knowing the value of your property will allow you and your spouse to better decide what course of action you should take to split the value. 

In addition, if you and your spouse pass away and the property is left to your kids or another family member, having an up to date property value will benefit them greatly. Knowing this value will speed up the settlement process, and take care of unnecessary work that no one wants to handle while they are grieving. 

Hiring a Skilled Land Appraiser

A good appraiser will be able to provide an accurate value for your land. While finding a highly skilled appraiser isn’t the easiest thing to do, it can be done with a little work. The best course of action to follow when searching is to contact a variety of agents and ask about their qualifications and work history. After you analyze your notes, it shouldn’t be hard to determine which appraiser is the best for you and your property. 

Texas Land Appraisals

If you own land in Texas you should have it appraised every so often to make sure you have a good idea of the value your property holds. As previously stated, having this appraisal done can provide a host of benefits to the land owner. If you are interested in having your land appraised you should start searching for a skilled land appraiser.