2020 Q4 Top Agent Insights: Report Showing What Homebuyers Want in 2021

If you’re a real estate agent, then you know how important it is to have the right tools and resources to help make your job easier. With so many options available for agents these days, it can be difficult to identify what’s best suited for your personality and needs as an individual.


HomeLight recently did a study that surveyed the top real estate agents nationwide. Their findings include the following topics:

  • 2021 Housing Market Expectations
  • What Homebuyers Want in 2021
  • Remodeling Supply Challenges
  • Covid Impacts onthe Market
  • and more!


(Photo Credit: Report preview courtesy of https://www.homelight.com)

The competition in real estate is fierce, but there are still many opportunities to thrive.

The real estate industry is changing. Homebuyers are now in the driver’s seat thanks to technology and social media. What can you do to stay ahead of these trends? HomeLight’s report, Top Real Estate Agents Insights for Q4 2020, explores how home buyers are thinking, challenges they face, what they want from their agents, and more!