5 Vital Qualities Land Buyers Look for in a Plot of Land

When land buyers are on the search for their next purchase there are several qualities they look for in a plot of land. A particular plot of land may still be a good investment if it lacks one or two of the vital qualities on a property evaluation checklist. However, if a property is equipped with all of the qualities it is sure to attract a lot of attention from potential buyers. In particular, there are five main vital qualities buyers look for in a piece of property. These five qualities are discussed in further detail below. Therefore, whether you are a land buyer who is trying to make smarter investments or a property owner who is trying to sell a plot of land quickly, you should continue reading!

1. Access 

If access to a particular plot of land is poor, it will not matter how great the property is. After all, if the buyer can’t access the property they won’t be able to use or develop the property. If you are a land buyer, you should always try to keep in mind what type of access a property has before you purchase it. Is the property accessible by road? Or, will it take some work to have a road developed through the property? If you are a property owner of a plot of land with poor access, installing a driveway or other access route could allow you to check more boxes on a buyer’s land buying checklist. 

2. Topography of the Land

When land is evaluated it is common for it to be separated into inoperable and operable sections. The inoperable sections of a plot of land are normally classified to this jurisdiction because of drastic slopes that would cause development issues. In contrast, operable sections of land are defined as nearly flat with only slight changes in elevation. Buyers looking to purchase a new plot of land, will be looking for a property that is mostly made up of operable sections. Of course, the exact parameters of ‘inoperable’ and ‘operable’ will depend upon the buyers desired use of the land. However, in general properties with drastic changes in elevation are challenging to utilize. 

3. Neighbors

As you probably know, nothing can ruin a nice property like a group of bad neighbors. When looking to purchase a property, a land buyer may look to see how closely the property is located to others in the area. While not entirely common, land buyers may also visit with the neighbors of a property before making a purchase.  If you are trying to sell your land, resolving any problems you may have with any neighbors could go a long way to increase your chances of success.

4. Floodplains

Another reason sections of a plot of land might be defined as inoperable is because of a floodplain. A floodplain is a section of land that floods easily during rain showers and thunderstorms. These plains normally form in areas where the soil is made up of nonpermeable sediments. Areas affected by a floodplain can be very challenging to develop. A floodplain will also not be able to support a standard septic system, which could make building a house or a cabin challenging in such an area. 

5. Utilities

The last vital quality that is present on nearly every buyer’s land buying checklist is one of the most important. Utilities can be challenging to receive on certain properties. Therefore, buyers should always look to make sure a property is equipped with utility hookups before making a decision. If a property does not currently have utility access, it can be very expensive to have such access established. 

Summary: The Five Most Vital Land Qualities

Every plot of land is different, and ideally these differences will work in the buyer’s favor as they search for a property that suits their needs and wishes. However, in addition to making sure the property is suitable to their desires, all buyers will also evaluate a potential property purchase by going through their land checklist. In summary, every buyer’s checklist will most likely include access, topography, floodplains, neighbors, and utilities as major areas of investigation. The more of these qualities a given property has the higher the property will be rated in the buyer’s mind!