Use These 4 Social Channels to Grow Your Business

Use These 4 Social Channels to Grow Your Business

Real estate agents are already fluent in the art of storytelling, whether through well-crafted words, compelling images, or dynamic video. And these tools have only become more important as more client interactions take place online. But choosing where to spend your time online can be a challenge. Which channels are most worth your investment? And how do you stay ahead of the social media curve?.

“Social media is an excellent tool for homebuyers,” says Vlad Popach, Founding Member and Broker at Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty. “They’re able to take a glimpse into a real estate agent’s business, experience, and lifestyle, all before inquiring for services.”

Today, leveraging Facebook and Instagram to share images and insights is table stakes for many luxury agents. The question has become: which channels should you be using when? And where can you find your next social lead? Here are specific strategies for four channels, from the perspective of three top-producing luxury agents.


1. TikTok (Surprised?)

The more established channels aren’t the only worthwhile places for agents to spend their time. Newcomer TikTok has seen a meteoric rise as one of the most popular channels for video sharing, particularly among younger prospects. “Recently, I’ve seen a lot of engagement on TikTok,” explains Tent. “My page grew rapidly from zero to 22,000 followers. I have a video with over 1,000,000 views, and several others in the hundred thousand range.”

While real estate videos on your Instagram account or YouTube channel may be expected to have a certain level of professional polish, Tent has found that TikTok is more open to raw, authentic footage. He often syncs his clips to popular music tracks, promoting not only his properties but the luxury lifestyles they help make possible.


2. Instagram

It’s hardly news that Instagram is a popular platform with millennial homebuyers. Norrgard recommends diving into the existing Instagram audience by using “a mix of personal and professional posts with hashtags that try to reach out to new audiences to increase that following.”

He follows a rule of thirds: “One third of my posts are personal — photos of my hobbies, which include cooking and skiing. One third relate to real estate in general: I post links to articles that may be of interest to those looking for real estate content, and I highlight other agents from my professional network and their listings. And one third are related to my endeavors in real estate, such as my own listings.”

Even though Instagram may be less popular among more seasoned real estate buyers, content can still reach them through their own social networks. “My largest sale to date came from a teenager watching one of my Instagram videos and sharing it with his parents,” says Dylan Tent, Sales Manager at Signature Sotheby’s International Realty. “That’s why it’s important for me to be represented on all platforms.”


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