Should You Buy a Texas Ranch in 2021?

Owning and purchasing your very own ranch is an exciting and desirable endeavor for a variety of reasons. You may be looking to purchase a ranch in Texas to stimulate your income through land ownership, cattle rearing, or farming practices, or you may be simply looking to escape from the properties of a typically nine to five job and the duties of city life. While owning and operating a ranch in Texas is challenging work, the opportunity can be a solid long term investment that rewards you in more ways then one. 

If you are interested in purchasing a farm in Texas you should inquire as to what makes buying a Texas ranch a good investment, where the best places to look for a ranch in Texas are, and how challenging farming and ranching is in the state of Texas. Each of these three characteristics of Texas ranches are explored below. 

Is Buying a Texas Ranch a Good Investment? 

In general, owning and operating a Texas ranch is a prideful and invigorating experience. In addition, this experience can also become a lucrative investment due to a variety of important factors related to Texas ranching and farming. Before you decide if you want to continue with your Texas ranch dreams, you should consider these three factors. 

  • The state of Texas has nearly doubled the cattle production of any other state in the United States
  • The value of land for cattle production in Texas is continuing to increase greater than any other area in the United States
  • The total acreage of land dedicated to beef in Texas is larger than any other state’s dedication by a significant margin. 

Where are the Best Places to Look for a Ranch in Texas?

Now that you know why owning a Texas ranch is such a lucrative long term investment, you may be wondering where exactly you should look for ranches for sale in the state. Though some areas of Texas, such as closer to the larger cities and towards the gulf coast have less acres of farmland, in general most of Texas has a significant portion of its land dedicated to ranching. 

Individuals looking to purchase a Texas ranch can look for options across the state in the hill country, west Texas, central Texas, and south Texas. However, several factors including your budget and ranching goals will narrow down your appropriate search window slightly. Before you begin your search, you should have a good idea of what your budget is and a plan for your ranching practices. 

How Challenging is Texas Farming and Ranching?

Though most of Texas is riddled with ranches and farms, ranchers in Texas still face a few obstacles now and again. Drought, herd culling, and herd building expenses are some of the most challenging and expensive obstacles ranchers in Texas have to compete against. However, Texas is still the most lucrative state to own a ranch in, and maintaining and operating a successful and profitable ranch is certainly possible within the state. 

Good Luck With Your Ranch 

As you have read, ranching in the state of Texas is a very rewarding and lucrative investment. Owning a ranch in the lonestar state is the first step in that investment procedure. As you look for Texas ranches, you can visit sites such as Working alongside a land broker is also a great way to navigate the ranch buying process. These brokers will be able to shed more light on certain factors of various properties that may inhibit or aid in your ranch operating journey.