Will Building A Pole Barn Add Value to Your Property?

The real estate market is always changing. Property values go up and down consistently, sometimes without warning. However, if you are a property owner searching for ways to increase your land’s value, you can almost always count on property improvement or property additions. One of the most popular property improvements land owners are interested in these days is a pole barn. But, you are probably asking yourself, will building a pole barn add value to your property? 

How Much Value Does a Pole Barn Add to a Property

Adding new buildings and structures to a property is always a great way to increase value. A pole barn, in particular, will increase the value of a particular property because of the versatility it brings to a property. Pole barns can be utilized as storage spaces, man caves, garages, she-sheds, and more. The versatility pole barns provide will offer potential buyers more ways to see themselves enjoying your property.

Of course, the actual value a pole barn will provide to your property is dependent upon the pole barn, its characteristics, and your properties condition and value before adding the pole barn. The size, construction quality and overall use of the pole barn you decide to build will make a large difference in the amount of value it will add to your property.

Often the value a pole barn provides to a property is not dependent upon monetary value. New construction on any property rarely raises the value of the property equal to the construction costs.  Most of the value a pole barn adds to a property is attraction and increased selling opportunities. 

What Do Industry Experts Say?

Ryan Reed from Trulog Siding says, “A pole barn is a great option for adding value to your property. You can find that it increases the worth of your home by as much as $10,000 or more.

The size, quality and function make a big difference in how valuable this type of building will be in any given case. A lot depends on what you need from the structure. It could mean increased space or usable land area, an extra garage bay or even just someplace cool to store collectables.”

Todd Gillman, of Innovative Building Materials says, “Barndominiums and pole barns add value to your property in many ways. It increases the perceived square footage of your home by enclosing an area that would otherwise be left exposed. It can also provide additional living space when you need it most, such as during renovation or remodeling projects.”

How Do Pole Barns Increase Selling Opportunities

There are many reasons why a buyer may decide not to go through with purchasing a property. Often a buyer will have a few deal breakers that are non negotiable when it comes to purchasing a property. One common deal breaker a pole barn often touches base with is the lack of garage space. 

If your property is lacking garage space, building a pole barn may give buyers a reason to purchase your property. Buyers seeking garage space may need the space for storage or to work on projects. A pole barn is versatile enough that it can provide room to achieve each of these desires. Therefore, when building a pole barn it is important to remember that what you get out of the pole barn may not be what a potential buyer gets out of the pole barn, and that is the real value of building a pole barn. 

Adding Value to Your Own Life

In addition to adding value to your actual property and attracting more buyers, a pole barn can also provide value to your own life while you live on your property. In addition to being a room for storage and projects, pole barns can also be utilized for gatherings and to ease your stress as your family grows. 

All the value a pole barn provides to your actual property and future buyers it can also provide to your own life. Of course, this value may not be realized in the same way, but it still can be realized.

Summary: Does a Pole Barn Add Value to a Home? 

As you now know, the answer is a resounding yes! Pole barns are a great way to add value to a particular home or property. However, it is important to remember that this value will not always be represented monetarily. Most of the time, a pole barn provides more attraction value and additional selling opportunities than it provides monetary value. The addition of a pole barn to your property will also provide yourself value in your own life.