Our Top Nine Ways to Generate Leads for Land Real Estate

Listing beautiful properties is only the beginning of being successful in the real estate market. In order to maintain a business, you need a healthy supply of leads. This can be especially difficult in land real estate, where a lot of potential leads may like the idea of owning land for sale, but in the end, aren’t quite ready to make it a reality.

Here are our top nine ways to generate leads for land real estate.

Use Social Media Wisely 

In today’s hyper-online world, it’s all about social media, so you have to get your name out there on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, it’s also crucial to remember that today’s social media users value engagement over in-your-face marketing.

Forgo the constant sales pitch in favor of genuine responses to user comments, content that offers a more personal view of your business (like personal bios or anecdotes), and opportunities for users to interact with your posts.

Provide Consistent Content

Provide users with consistent, quality content that will attract prospective buyers and sellers, drive traffic to your website, and set you up as a reliable authority.

Create blog content that educates and informs about how to purchase and care for land, for instance. Or, follow in the footsteps of real estate sites like Zillow that include interior and home design content, using lifestyle elements to help catch the imagination and attention of potential leads.

Having Quality Visuals

Whatever you decide is your niche, make sure your accompanying visuals are up to par—after all, people buy with their eyes, so high-quality images and videos are also essential content to go along with your listings and posts.

Remember, too, that it can be more time-effective to delegate content production to other members of your team. Alternatively, outsource your content needs altogether to a reliable creative service that is already well-practiced at producing blog posts and other social media content, like Land.US.

Use Google Ads and Keywords

Make sure your land website ranks in the top results for relevant search terms on Google. One trick to coming out ahead of major websites like Zillow or Realtor.com is to bid on more specific keywords—not just “buying land” but “buying a luxury ranch in Texas.”

If you choose more local keywords (like “buying land in Travis County”), they’ll likely be less expensive. You can also check out online guides to improving SEO for more suggestions on giving your web content a boost.

Build Landing Pages 

Once an interested lead clicks on one of your ads, you want to make sure they go to a visually appealing, informational landing page that keeps their interest hooked.

Think of landing pages as helping buyers do the work of finding you. You can use landing pages to host digital listings with flyers and contact info, customize them with your own URL, and use them along with social media ads to drive traffic to your listings.

Use Website Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is a free digital resource you offer to attract leads in exchange for their contact information, such as free trials, PDFs, mini eBooks, or checklists on relevant topics.

The lead magnets Land.US designs work as a compelling strategy to get potential leads to sign up to receive the resource with their email address or phone number.

Build Your Network

According to the National Association of Realtors, nearly half of all buyers in 2018 used an agent that they either knew from their personal sphere or were referred to by another acquaintance. Word of mouth goes a long way.

Attend relevant community events and strike up partnerships with local businesses. Build relationships with parent groups in your school district, say, or get referrals from restaurants that prioritize local farms and ranches—there are hundreds of possibilities.

Make the Most of Referrals 

Once you’ve got all these referrals, pursue them! Follow up with potential leads via email, flyers and postcards, invitations to events, and other means of communication—even by holding open houses and housewarming events.

It’s also key to understand and market to the needs of different demographics—the more local and the more targeted your ads, content, events, and networking, the better for successfully converting those referrals into real buyers.

Become and Affiliate Partner of Land.US

At Land.US, we have a deep understanding of the distinct market for luxury land for sale, and we’re pleased to provide all of the services mentioned above (and more!) to generate buyer leads for land real estate.

While you’re busy running your brokerage, let us take care of the rest for you. As part of our Affiliate Partner Program, we will use everything from high-precision IP targeting to video creation and Lead Magnets to get your name in front of the leads that will actually convert.