Leveraging Tech in Real Estate with Kasey Mock

Technology is part of the future of real estate, but agents need to be sure that they’re using the tech, and that it’s not the tech using them. That’s one of the important subjects discussed today with Kasey Mock, director of KW Land at Keller Williams Realty International and owner of Mock Ranches. Listen in to hear what Kasey has to say about technology, the future of real estate, and 1031 exchanges. Choose how you would like to listen below.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Kasey’s background
  • How Kasey got into the land business
  • AgriLife extension
  • Whether Kasey’s experience with the AgriLife extension gave him a leg-up in the industry
  • How to know what questions to ask clients
  • What technology does for the client experience and the industry
  • Luxury hires vs. leverage hires
  • What a better future for real estate looks like
  • The future of land in Texas
  • Advice Kasey would give to someone in a 1031 exchange position
  • What a 55+ client is getting into when they decide to buy rec land
  • How much of a distance people will buy away from their homes
  • The environmental challenges of developing land
  • How to advocate for clean water
  • Where to find Kasey


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