Land.US’s Gift Guide: Top 10 American-Made Gifts for Ranch Owners in 2020

Land.US’s Gift Guide: Top 10 American-Made Gifts for Ranch Owners in 2020

With the holiday season well under way, it can be tricky to find the perfect gift for a ranch owner or farmer (or to make your own Christmas wishlist!). It’s extra hard to find products that guarantee tough, American-made quality.

That’s why we at Land.US have put together our gift guide to the top ten American-made gifts for ranch and farm owners in 2020. Chosen for their durability, quality, and brand reliability, here are our picks.

1. Danner’s Bull Run Moc Toe Boots

Price: $190.00

Our recommendation: Every rancher or farmer needs a sturdy pair of work boots. With a nearly five-star rating from over 600 reviews, these hardy boots from Danner fit the bill. Coming in several color options, the Bull Run is a rugged yet reliable boot with full-grain, oiled leather uppers that make it extra resistant to water and wear, plus a special Danner outsole that keeps them comfortable all day.

If these specific boots aren’t quite your recipient’s style, you can also browse Danner’s entire catalogue of USA Made boots here.

The company: Danner Boots was est.1932 in Portland, Oregon, when Charles Danner came to the Pacific Northwest to provide quality boots for loggers. The company continues to handcraft its boots in Portland to this day.

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2. Filson’s Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket

Price: $395.00

Our rec: Made of 100% durable wool from Pendleton Mills in Oregon, the Mackinaw Wool Cruiser offers a warm, insulating fabric that can absorb up to 30% of their own weight in water without feeling damp. A popular choice for foresters and hunters, this option will last a lifetime. Tip: the plaid is a perfect choice for avid hunters, since the pattern helps wearers camouflage from deer.

The company: Filson was opened in 1897, specializing in outdoor survival wear for Klondike Gold Rushers battling the freezing conditions of the Yukon. The company has continued to make high quality, rugged outdoor wear for over 120 years.

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3. Schaeffer Outfitter Deerskin Ranchhand Gloves

Price: $60.00

Our rec: A good pair of gloves is a must-have when working on the farm or ranch. These Texas-made deerskin gloves from Schaeffer Outfitter are cut and stitched individually by hand from premium deer hides, then taken to the next lever with a moisture resistant Velux fleece. They’re a perfect winter gift for any rancher.

The company: A well trusted name in outdoors gear and clothing, Schaefer Outfitter’s motto is “for land, for life.” Founded in 1982, the company resides in Fort Worth, Texas, and prioritizes long lasting American made apparel.

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4. Duluth Pack Wanderer Pack

Price: $280.00

Our rec: Whether you’re camping for a weekend or hiking, a good backpack is a must have. For a recipient who loves the outdoors (so, any ranch owner or farmer!), the Wanderer pack is Duluth’s best-selling outdoors backpack. Made of handcrafted rugged canvas with hand-cut leather reinforcements, this Duluth pack mixes pure usefulness with a classic aesthetic that will never go out of style.

The company: Duluth Pack was founded in Duluth, Minnesota (where it remains today) in 1882, catering to frontiersmen and settlers in the harsh Minnesota winters. The company is the oldest canvas, leather bag, and pack making company in the USA.

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5. Justin Boots Women’s Unravelled Boot

Price: $249.95

Our rec: Justin Boots’ women’s cowboy boots provide a fantastic combination of style and support. Made of a whiskey brown leather, the Unravelled boots are fully equipped for riding and feature a special cushioned insole for all day wear. This functionality is then dressed up with a hint of turquoise stitching—perfect for any rancher who wants a touch of color without sacrificing functionality.

The company: Justin Boots has been handcrafting Western footwear since 1879, when founder H.J. Justin began providing boots for Texas cattlemen on the Chisholm Trail. Their factories are now headquartered in Fort Worth.

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6. Stetson Open Road Royal Deluxe Hat

Price: $230.00

Our rec: The name Stetson is already synonymous with the legendary American cowboy hat. Handmade in Garland, TX, this hand-sewn Open Road hat offers a timeless blend of city style and Western tradition with a soft, high quality 6X fur felt, subtle Stetson-brand hat pin, and leather sweatband. Perfect for a recipient who loves the authentic look of the American West.

The company: Stetson was founded in 1865 and is now perhaps the world’s most well-known name in American cowboy hats. Stetson hats such as this one are hand crafted in Garland, Texas.

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7. R.L. Winston Freshwater AIR Fishing Rod

Price: $975.00

Our rec: Ranch owners who prefer to spend time on the water may often feel a little left out of all the advertisements for farmers, hunters, and cattle ranchers. The absolute top of the line for professional fly fishing rods, the AIR freshwater fishing rod from the R.L. Winston Rod Co. would make a very special gift for a passionate angler (and comes in different weight options for different types of fish). All Winston rods are handmade in Twin Bridges, Montana.

The company: Founded in 1929 in San Francisco, Winston has been making cutting-edge fly fishing rods for almost a century. In 1976 the company moved to Twin Bridges, Montana to be nearer the state’s world-class trout fishing.

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8. Wave+ Leatherman Multi Tool

Price: $99.95

Our rec: Leatherman multi-tools are the Swiss Army Knife of…well, Swiss Army Knives. With a new upgrade that adds wire cutters to the classic model, this 18-tool multi-tool includes knives, bottle and can openers, a saw blade, screwdrivers, and much more, all operable with only one hand. It’s the best all-around choice for any rancher or farmer.

The company: Leatherman multi-tools began as an idea 1975 when founder Tim Leatherman got frustrated with cheap roadside fixes for his car. After finally selling his prototype in 1983, Leatherman’s company took off. Leatherman tools have been made and produced in Portland, OR since their inception.

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9. Estwing Sportsman’s Axe with Leather Grip

Price: $35.00 (at Lowe’s)

Our rec: Chopping wood may not be the world’s most glamorous job, but the right outdoors axe can make it an easier one. This USA made Sportsman’s Axe from Estwing is forged in a single piece of hand-sharpened American steel, with a genuine leather grip. It’s an affordable but long-lasting option for anyone who spends time on the ranch.

The company: Founded in 1923, Estwing has been manufacturing hammers, axes, and other hardware for nearly 100 years. A favorite choice of tradesmen, outdoorsmen, geologists and more, Estwing products are American-made in Rockford, Illinois.

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10. Darn Tough John Henry Boot Sock Cushion

Price: $24.00

Our rec: Sure, there are jokes about getting socks for Christmas, but ranch owners and farmers always need socks. Made in Vermont of super warm and comfortable merino wool, any socks from Darn Tough would make a fine stocking stuffer. These John Henry Boot Socks are especially great to wear with hunting boots or work boots, thanks to their all-weather performance and moisture wicking.

The company: Darn Tough is a family-owned company that has been making wool socks in Northfield, Vermont for close to 40 years. Every step of the milling and knitting process takes place in Northfield, and socks are designed and tested to beat the region’s cold winters.

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Happy shopping, Land.US readers!