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Qualified buyers search for “land for sale” in your city, county, and state. Only pay for results, like views and leads.

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We automatically upload all of your qualified land listings (no improved structure over 500 square feet and a minimum of 10 acres). Land.US is only for licensed real estate brokers and agents. If your website is regularly updated and you have over 50 listings, we can create a real time data-feed to Land.US free of charge.

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Grow online lead generation with online ads that direct people to contact you.


Answer interview questions via email and SMS to be featured in Land.US content for Free


Volunteer with verified wildlife and environmental charitable organization and earn credits towards advertising on Land.US


We offer live data feeds to websites with over 50 active land listings and concierge listing upload services for websites with less than 50 listings

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Land.US can work with almost any advertising budget. Set a budget cap, and never go over it.

Plus, you can pause or adjust your spend anytime.

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