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Our Affiliate Parters buy into a proven system that generate serious buyer interest in their exclusive territories. Land.US is the only 100% hands-free advertising platform for farm, land, and ranches for sale in America.

Quality over quantity. We promote partners over platform.

Huge Listing Display Ads

Land.US boasts the most prominent listing display ads in the entire real estate marketplace industry. We offer the highest visibility to our Affiliates.

Exclusively Branded Territories

Claim your town! Be the only brokerage users see when they search for listings in your area and have your properties featured first.

Listing Highlight Videos

Listings with Videos gain 140% more views than listings without videos. We offer 5, 15, and 30 second videos.

Unlimited Listing Uploads

Our workers operate day and night to upload property data and media so our members can concentrate on selling.

Our Unique Values

Land.US set out to achieve three simple goals: 1) Create a fair and simple to understand real estate marketplace. 2) Leverage creative design technology to advertise listing media in new and exciting ways. 3) Make it easy and fast for serious buyers and sellers to connect.

Here’s how we are achieving our goals

Exclusive Territories

Major real estate marketplaces typically drive traffic to their home page through brand recognition. Land.US, on the other hand, drives traffic to our exclusive affiliate partners. Each partner has a set territory on Land.US, making it easy for all partners to understand advertising performance.

Hassle-Free Membership

Our exclusive affiliate style of membership allows our members the flexibility to own their territory like never before. Simply claim a territory on Land.US and our team will manage all of your listings and agents. We regularly share performance updates and insights.

Affiliate Revenue Sources

Many of our affiliates generate revenue from their territories by allowing their favorite lenders and title companies to advertise on their Land.US territory. Request an invite to our platform below to learn more.

Our teams use advanced targeting methods such as IP targeting to serve high-performing ads to people who have demonstrated the ability and interest to take action. It’s not how many phone calls we get, it’s who calls that matters.

Behavioral Marketing

Land.US regularly conducts doppleganger marketing on social media platforms to discover new buyers and sellers who behaviorally match buyers and sellers who have recently completed a sale. We share our insights with our Affiliate Partners, of course.

Media Innovations

This is where we seriously diverge from our competition. Land.US invests heavily in mobile media innovations and we pass the technology (and lessons learned) onto our members to help them improve their listing advertising techniques.

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Become an Exclusive Affiliate

Exclusive Affiliates establish their brand as the top broker in the territories, or towns, they occupy.

We offer exclusivity to verified land brokers with a proven track record of success with properties over $1,000,000.

Media Spots

Land.US is currently advertising listings for sale across multiple media channels including radio, podcast, social media, website, and print. View some of our media samples below.


Listen to our Radio Spot on Gow Media (50+ Stations in Texas)

Preview our iHeart Radio Adverting Spot here

View our iHeart Radio Advertising Map (Starting in Texas)

Check out our Email Marketing Statistics for April 2020


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Double Exposure on Explore.US

All Exclusive Affiliate Partners receive a complimentary advertisement on the corresponding Explore.US page. Explore.US is the premier network of resources for small-town U.S.A.

Additional Services

Exclusive affiliates gain the most exposure with additional services that deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Experience high quality media advertising.

Facebook Ad Management

Upgrade to our full white-glove media and marketing services and experience audience growth and engagement without lifting a finger . Contact us to learn more.

Curated Posts

Keep your social media channels going with curated posts from Land.US. Each week, we’ll schedule social media posts to your channels. Contact Us for availability and scheduling.

Drone Videos (Where Available)

Get the ultimate attention-grabber. Drone videos stop online users in their tracks. Use these videos on social media to gain likes, followers, and leads. Contact Us for availability and scheduling.

Lead Generation Services

Affiliate Brokers capture the added benefit of LinkedIn Lead Systems and Lead Magnets. Lead Magnets are marketing incentives for users to exchange their email and contact info for downloadable information. Contact us today to learn more.

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On-Demand Marketing Services

Affiliate Brokers gain full access to all of Land.US’s on-demand marketing services for listings – postcards, flyers, digital media, videos, dynamic social media posts, and much more. Contact our Marketing Team to learn more.


Automatic Postcards

Grow your leads with postcards. Affiliate Brokers who opt-in can send branded post cards to all new listings on Land.US and properties that have just sold on Land.US. Contact us today to learn more.

Mass Email Distribution

Affiliate Brokers receive complimentary mass email distribution to our audience of over 60,000 real estate professionals and high-net-worth buyers, nationwide. We celebrate new listings and properties that have just sold. Contact us today to learn more.

3D Home Tours

Listings with 3D Home Tours earn 300% more views than regular listings. Affiliate Brokers receive full-service 3D Home Tour creation. Contact us to learn more.

Our Mission:

To Champion farm, land, and ranch ownership in America

Our Vision:

Host an online marketplace where people who are interested in owning a farm, land, or ranch can make meaningful connections with professionals and find education about land conservation and ownership.

Our Values:


Frequently Asked Questions

What is and who is it for?

Our approach to the high-end rural real estate market is unique, visually stunning, and cost effective for all Realtors® with farm, land, and ranch listings valued at over $1,000,000. We offer 100% WHITE-GLOVE advertising and marketing services for rural America.

Why should I advertise with you?

We are professional multi-channel marketers so you don’t have to be. Join Land.US as a Pro Member and enjoy the benefits of hands-free advertising and creative services.

Where will my listings be advertised?

Your listings will be advertised on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, podcast, print, radio, and on We offer full creative and advertising services.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, you can change your plan. You can do it online or contact a Member Services Representative.

Land.US is the number one place to find high-end ranches and mountain homes, exclusive land deals, and premier country homes.

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