Joe Rogan is Looking to Buy Land in Texas

Joe Rogan is Looking to Buy Land in Texas 


For a state famous for the “Lone Star” on its flag, Texas happily welcomes all kinds of company—and some visitors who’d like their stay to be a little more long-term.


Earlier in May, podcast superstar and comedian Joe Rogan used his popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” to tease the idea of moving from Los Angeles to Texas. Rogan said he was reacting against California’s restrictive COVID-19 precautions, prohibitively expensive cost of city living, and high taxes: “I might jet,” the host concluded, naming Austin and Dallas as possible new locations. “I like Houston but I don’t know if I’d live in Houston. Dallas is great.”


Joe Rogan’s Spotify deal 


Rogan’s interest in buying land in Texas might have something to do with his recently announced deal with major streaming service Spotify. This multi-year, exclusive deal runs to the tune of a hundred million ($100M) dollars and will make Spotify the sole streaming provider of the astonishingly popular “The Joe Rogan Experience.”


Rogan is also a martial arts commentator and stand-up comedian, but his widespread notoriety comes from his role as a podcast host. Started in 2009, Rogan’s podcast focuses on interviewing an eclectic range of guests from across the political and cultural spectrum in a long-form conversational format, which can see episodes run up to two or three hours long. Rogan regularly courts controversial topics and pushes back against what he calls “political correctness”, hosting both would-be Democratic presidential candidates and reviled far-right conspiracy theorists on his show.


Neither the episode length nor the provocative subjects have scared off Rogan’s audience; in fact, they’ve drawn more. “The Joe Rogan Experience” pulls in almost unbelievably high viewership numbers. It regularly receives millions of views per episode and was the second most downloaded podcast from iTunes in 2017 and 2018. Rogan also has his own YouTube channel with a cool 8.42 million subscribers.


On September 1, 2020 Rogan’s podcast will move to Spotify, and by the end of the year it will be pulled from all other platforms. The deal is a landmark one, giving Rogan the sort of mega-money contract that BBC News calls “incredibly rare in the podcast world”— the podcast host will actually be earning more money than most of the musicians on Spotify. It means Rogan will certainly have the resources at his fingertips to buy land in Texas if he so desires.


Coastal wealth moving inward


Rogan isn’t the only celebrity wondering if the grass is greener, so to speak, in the states that offer the most sweeping expanses of private ranchland.


He joins Tesla CEO and two-time Rogan guest Elon Musk, for instance, who recently threatened to move his companies from California to Texas and Nevada, as well as to sell his multiple homes in California (Musk has since listed many of his CA residences for sale). Even Kanye West purchased two multimillion dollar Wyoming ranches last year.


While headlines make much of the differences that divide the so-called “coastal elites” of Los Angeles and New York City from the rest of the United States, this media talking point distracts from some intriguing data. According to the 2020 Texas Relocation Report, not only does Texas welcome the second highest amount of people relocating in the U.S., but the highest number of those moves came from California—over 86,000. Plus, many of these new Texans were from the metro areas that include and surround Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago.


In other words, it’s actually pretty popular to make the move from major cities elsewhere in the country into Texas, including from both coasts. For wealthier individuals, the Lone Star State can be especially appealing thanks to no personal state income tax, abundant private land, and generally lower costs of living.


How to reach celebrities


With celebrities eyeing Texan land with renewed interest, realtors have the potential for major new clients looking at expensive ranches and other luxury rural real estate. Celebrities coming from major West and East coast cities are more likely to lack experience buying land and knowledge of Texas, meaning they could start hunting for realtors with something as simple as a Google search.


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Click here to watch a clip of Joe Rogan’s podcast where he ponders moving to Texas (JRE Episode #1473).