Finding the Right Ranch with Jim Brosche

Today’s guest explains that when a buyer finds the right piece of property, they’ll feel a connection with it – they’ll know, almost instinctively, that they’re at the right place. He knows something about it, because he’s not just a real estate agent, he’s a rancher as well. Jim Brosche is a Ranch Realtor with Compass Real Estate in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. Listen in to today’s interview to hear Jim discuss his story, his relationships with his buyers, and what he’s learned from working his own land as well as selling ranch land to others.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How long Jim has been with Compass
  • Jim’s history as a ranch realtor
  • Steps to evaluate a new ranch listing
  • How buyers find Jim
  • The pictures that Jim uses online
  • The connection that buyers have with the land
  • Jim’s origin story
  • The importance of being able to talk to people on their level
  • How Jim’s military background affects his work now
  • Where Jim’s buyers come from
  • Why prices in rural Texas are going up
  • What kind of financial return you can get on a ranch
  • Deals that stand out for Jim
  • The difference between a high-fence property and a regular ranch
  • How to stay relevant in different audiences
  • How someone new to real estate can build their sphere of influence
  • Jim’s first deal
  • Why using brand names helps
  • Whether Jim posts on MLSs
  • What the relationship with the buyer is like after the sale
  • Ag exemptions and wildlife exemptions
  • Whether buyers need to hire ranch managers
  • How you serve both a husband and a wife as buyers
  • Trends that Jim is seeing in sales
  • Good deals in Texas ranch real estate
  • How Jim keeps up with the demanding hours
  • Why buyers should choose Jim over his competition
  • Tough lessons that Jim’s learned on his own land
  • Why it’s important to know your neighbors
  • What 2021 looks like
  • How to find Jim online
  • What’s next for Jim


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