Eight Steps for Successfully Showing Property During a Pandemic

Download this mobile-friendly infographic here

Nervous the pandemic means nobody’s going to be interested in property? Don’t worry, buyers are still out there.

In fact, lockdown restrictions and concerns about crowds have caused people stuck at home worldwide to daydream about remote countryside locations, so if your property fits that bill, you could be in luck.

However, buyers are understandably anxious about the process of actually viewing properties. Help prove you’re taking their safety (not to mention yours!) seriously, with these eight straightforward steps for showing property during a pandemic.

Create Video and Virtual Tours of All Listings  

The facts don’t lie. Listings with videos gain 140% more views than those without, and virtual tours have skyrocketed to the top of the pack, with over 300% more views than listings without virtual tours. Let house hunters become couch hunters: help clients see your property while browsing dream homes from the comfort of their living room.

Gather Intelligence 

Preparation is key, so be sure to get your facts straight about the best COVID-19 prevention measures. If you’re in the US, stick with information from the CDC for guidelines on how to sanitize a space and which personal protective equipment (PPE) to purchase.

Build Confidence with Clients 

Now’s the time to show clients that their safety is a top priority. Convert the information gathered in Step 2 into attractive media for Facebook, Instagram, and email distribution. If you post to highlight individual properties, be sure to emphasize that you offer tours with these safety measures available.

Prepare the Property 

Minimize the need to touch anything: open all doors and turn on all lights. Take a walk-through yourself, pretending to be a client, to help you notice overlooked details that might involve contact (don’t forget the handles of oven doors and refrigerators!). Then, leave a box of gloves and hand sanitizer in the entryway, with the front door open.

Putting it into Action 

When you meet clients at the property, wear the appropriate PPE yourself (at minimum, a mask that covers your mouth and nose) and follow suggested social distancing guidelines, such as keeping six feet apart. Point out the complimentary gloves and the prep work you have done from Step 4.

Review the Tour 

When reviewing the tour, meet clients outside the property and maintain the same social distancing guidelines. Ask questions to keep them engaged: are there any standout features they like? What are they looking for in a property or locale?

Cleanse the Space 

Put on the recommended PPE, such as mask and gloves, and carefully use Lysol on all lightswitches, railings, door handles, cabinet knobs, and appliance door handles. Turn off the lights and secure the property as normal. Remember to discard your gloves and throw out or wash your mask as soon as you leave, to protect your health as well.

Follow Up 

Seal the deal by reassuring clients they can come back and see the space if it helps with moving forward. Be sure to be clear about the amount of advance notice you’ll require, so you will have time to clean the space again before the second viewing.

It’s true that the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has created uncertain conditions for everyone. However, if you’re careful and considerate about how you show property, you do not have to let the pandemic derail your chances of a successful property showing.

Download this mobile-friendly infographic here