How Should a Perfect Land Listing Look?

Are you a broker that doesn’t have too much experience with land listings? Perhaps you are a landowner who wants to sell their property without representation. Either way, the goal is the same – sell the land in the shortest possible time frame.

You want to set the price right, but it’s crucial to handle the promotion part properly. That’s why we are talking about the secrets of land description real estate sellers would like to know. Here are the details to include to impress potential buyers!

It All Begins with the First Impression

Imagine you are a prospective buyer listing thousands of ads on Craigslist. You’ll browse through most of them quickly but might spend time on an advertisement that attracts your attention. If you want your ad to be among those that get the most attention, two items are crucial:

  1. Headline
  2. Thumbnail Photograph

The headline shouldn’t consist of more than ten words or 60 characters. Please note the restrictions vary on the website. Don’t hesitate to be creative, but also provide accurate information. Here is an example of a great headline “Don’t Miss This Offer – 10 Acres of Land for $$!” 

That approach is much better than writing a dull and boring headline that won’t engage anyone’s mind. As for the thumbnail picture, not all websites allow it. But if you can place it, make sure the leading photo is of excellent quality. You want to point out the best characteristic of the property in that image. 

Stating the Crucial Facts Immediately

Your real estate listing verbiage shouldn’t contain long intros. Serious buyers want facts and information, and you should provide those right off the bat. Advertisers should spend the most time on the first sentence or two of their land listing.

The best lot description real estate business can offer starts with a sentence that sums up the available property.

Here is an example:

You’ll be delighted with ten acres of wooded land situated close to the road and nearby the town of XXX.” 

Put yourself in the position of the buyer. What would they like to know about the property right away? Alternatively, what’s your biggest selling point? That’s how you should create the leading statement.

It’s Time for a Detailed Description

In the next section, you want to add descriptive information about each feature. That’s where you can get creative and use adjectives to describe the property’s characteristics.

Here is a good land description example:

You’ll love the creek passing through the land as it’s the perfect place for family picnics. The mineral resources have huge potential and can become a profitable business.

That sounds much better than writing, “the land offers mineral resources, and a creek passes through the property.”

Encourage the User to Get in Touch

The final piece of your land listing should contain the famous call to action. You want to send a message to the reader to contact you right away. That’s why it’s smart to write something along the lines, “Don’t let anyone take this buying opportunity away. Call XXX-XXX right away!” 

While you want to sound encouraging, make sure that it doesn’t seem like you are pushing the reader into that decision.

Additional Tips on Improving Your Land Listing

The critical thing to note is that your land listing should be of the right length. According to experts, that can be anywhere from 150-400 words. The idea is not to waste too much of the reader’s time but also offer sufficient information. 

Here are some extra tips for using to improve your listing:

  • Photos – you should add multiple images, so the reader can see your property. The photos should be of the highest quality possible, so hire a professional if necessary.
  • Videos – you can add a video of the land or even a virtual tour option.
  • Location – if possible, add a map that shows the exact location of your property.
  • Other information – the basics include location, size, zoning, and buildability. However, you can also mention soil profile, septic, and other property features you consider relevant.

It’s vital to dedicate some time to writing the perfect land listing. The extra hour or two invested into promotion might save you weeks of waiting on the offers to arrive!