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Land.US is the top choice for buying country estate homes. We buy and sell exclusive land, country estates and ranch homes in the United States with clarity and excellent customer service.


Have you ever pictured yourself in a beautiful country home with a large plot of land to call your own?


We at Land.US have very attractive country estates homes for sale surrounded by tranquility and offering tremendous investment value. We have mountain homes, ranch homes and, of course, country estate homes to fit your budget and vision of what your home can be.


Transparency When You Buy Country Estate with Acreage!


When you buy country estate with acreage from Land.US, you have the peace of mind, right from the start, that you’re dealing with vetted facts describing the property you’re considering. All aspects of the land and property are double-checked for accuracy. Whether you’re looking for grand and sprawling country estates land for sale or something a bit more modest, we have a selection that very well may fit your requirements.

Why Is Land.US the Top Choice?

We focus on two main factors in providing the best possible service:


  1.     Honesty and accuracy in representing all land/property deals.
  2.     Having professionals to assist you who provide friendly and excellent customer service.


Your search to find country estates for sale is already a time-consuming process. Our job is to take as much of the guesswork out of the process as possible and to get you to your goal quickly and hassle-free. It’s not just a dream for folks to own a country estate that affords a view and enjoyment of land and nature… it can be a plan!

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Let us assist you with the concrete steps in making that plan come to fruition.

One of our attractive country estates homes for sale could end up being yours and your family’s!

Call us today at 866-686-9477 for any assistance. We are happy to help in any way possible.

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