Should You Buy Or Lease Hunting Land?

Asking permission before heading out on a hunting trip can become a hassle over time — especially when last-minute weekend plans come together on a whim, and you’re ready to head out for some spontaneous hunting. But the truth of the matter is that — unless you’ve got land rights of your own — there’s no way around seeking out permission from the landowner when hunting on a property potentially teeming with deer, turkey, and other game. And that’s exactly why so many hunters are now musing over this million-dollar question: Should you buy or lease hunting land?

Buying or leasing land can provide a deeper sense of freedom and control when heading out for a big hunt. But hunting grounds are not always a dime a dozen, which is why it’s crucial that you invest your money in the smartest way possible. Depending on your hunting goals, financial limitations, and interest in property management, there may be particular advantages in store for buying over leasing — or vice versa.

Before you jump at the first property you spot, consider some of these important points in choosing your land agreement.

Buying Builds Wealth

One of the core elements involved in land ownership is the ability to grow your wealth by making an investment in the property. Just as homeownership can help you accumulate wealth over time in a way that renting cannot, buying hunting land can be a financial investment, too. After all, when you’re finished working with the land yourself, you can always choose to lease it out to other hunters later down the line. This approach can help generate wealth in a way that leasing the lot cannot.

Leasing Allows Out-of-State Opportunities

But maybe you’re not interested in investing so much in the property or you simply want a place you can escape to a few times per year. In this case, leasing a piece of property may be a better option, because it does not usually require the amount of long-term upkeep and investment that’s involved in land ownership. In fact, many hunters find that the ability to lease a piece of land widens their net in terms of hunting options that are located out of state. This can be great for destination hunting trips and seasonal visits.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Whether you feel like buying or leasing is the right avenue for you, it’s important to consider the specific goals you have when it comes to using the land for hunting. Amateur hunters that find a good deal on a big piece of land are often too quick to jump at the opportunity, only to find out later that the grounds aren’t really suited for turning out the amount of game they had imagined.

When considering a property, take notice of its resources, like streams and food sources, as well as the area’s history of game population. Leasing a little 5-acre sliver of hunting land that’s packed with deer may be better suited for your goals than a 50-acre chunk of dry land that hasn’t seen much conservation action in awhile.

Shape the Deer Population to Your Needs

If you’re not devoted to or interested in game population management and you simply want access to a piece of land to hunt, then leasing may be a better idea. However, if you’re set on building a long-term relationship with a piece of hunting ground, it may be best to buy. Owning the land gives you the opportunity to directly influence conservation efforts and better control the animal population so that it suits your specific hunting needs.

Cut to the Chase with Land.US

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Stop wasting time, and instead cut to the chase! Databases that focus on rural real estate, like Land.US, can simplify the search for the perfect hunting grounds. Whether you’re set on leasing or buying, take advantage of the resources out there. Explore all the options, get to the game faster, and start enjoying your piece of property sooner.

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