Best Places to Live with a Horse in the United States

Obviously, if you were to ever crowdsource an answer to the question at hand, you would end up with a variety of answers. The truth is that the United States hosts a plethora of locations that are very suitable for equestrian enthusiasts and their animals. However, there are a few places that do more than just check a few boxes on a horse’s wish lists. The places discussed in further detail below are the best places horse lovers can live in the United States, because of their dedication to the equestrian lifestyle, the access they provide to equestrian recreation areas, and the likelihood that a horseback rider could develop a friendship with other riders in the area. If you are an equestrian who is looking to relocate to a horse friendly location in the United States, or a horseback rider who is simply looking to find the backdrop of their next trip itinerary,  you should continue reading below.

1. Ocala, Florida 

The whole state of Florida is commonly utilized as a winter horseback riding paradise. However, high temperatures and sunny weather are only some of what makes Ocala one of the best places to live with horses. In addition, Ocala is equipped with over 1,200 horse ranches, and is committed to providing a laid-back lifestyle for its citizens. While much of Florida has transitioned into a vacation destination over the past few decades, Ocala honors its southern roots by upholding its hospitality. The city is well laid out, easy to navigate, and decorated with historic oak trees and buildings. 

2. Woodstock, Vermont

While Florida is known as a winter paradise, Vermont is best explored on horseback during the summer. Woodstock in particular is one of the best places to retire with horses, because of its large array of horseback riding trails. The area also bolsters a prestigious equestrian community led by the Green Mountain Horse Association. While Woodstock takes its horseback riding serious, the town is quite small and offers unmatched charm. 

3. Lexington, Kentucky

Kentucky is by far the best state to raise horses. After all, Lexington, Kentucky is often referred to as the horseback riding capital of the world. The town of Lexington is home to the Kentucky Horse Park, where the Kentucky Derby takes place, and is a beloved destination for equestrian enthusiasts across the globe. The Bluegrass state also offers seemingly endless trails, open pastures, and horse barns. 

4. Middleburg, Virginia 

Chances are Virginia was not the first state you thought of when pondering potential horseback riding meccas. However, the truth is that Virginia is quietly one of the best states to have horses. The state, led by Middleburg, hosts a close-knit community of equestrians who work hard to continue to honor the region’s heritage and legacy of equestrian sport. The main street of Middleburg is laid out with southern shops, cozy eateries, and the historic Red Fox Inn. 

Living in the United States with Horses

These days finding a location in the United States that is suitable enough to raise horses and continue the legacy of equestrian practices is getting harder and harder. However, as you now know, hotspots like Middleburg, Virginia, Lexington, Kentucky, and Ocala, Florida still blanket the east coast. In addition to these locations, horseback riders will also find solace in several other cities in the United States. Bozeman, Montana, and Southern Pines, North Carolina are two more locations that have a long history of equestrian sport and remain horseback riding hotspots. To learn more about these locations or the ones listed above, an interested party should first visit the particular city’s website to learn more about their history and community.