A Simple Approach to Making Listing Videos (And Why You Need to Make Them!)

The facts don’t lie. Listings with videos gain 140% more views than those without, and virtual tours have skyrocketed to the top of the pack, with over 300% more views than listings without virtual tours.

(Does that fact ring a bell? We’re referenced this fact in our recent article “Eight Steps for Successfully Showing Property During a Pandemic” where we give you an easy-to-follow guide and infographic you can download.)

Now, let’s talk about making your listing more marketable…

Getting started with video can be daunting. Your next listing can shine on camera, all you need is a smartphone, a few apps and a couple hours, from start to finish

Video tours can help sell every type of listing.

They can be slick and energizing walk-throughs or seductive, over-produced attention-gettersThe Allnut Group of Lexington, Kentucky’s The Agency, for example, strikes a great balance between approachable and professionally produced.

The point is: There is no right or wrong way to do video for a listing. You’ve probably been told a million times to just do it. Just make video. Video is the future.

However, a poll from our recent Town Hall indicated that 74 percent of attendees had never made a listing video or done a virtual open house, so there’s still a barrier.

As such, I’ve created this little how-to to walk you through the process. Remember, it’s OK if..

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Watch an example below: