How to jump-start your real estate YouTube channel

Written by Team Land.US

21 Jul, 2020

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Consistent, relevant content is key to making the most out of your videos.

YouTube can be one of the greatest sources for lead generation in real estate, but it can also be overwhelming! YouTube is the second largest search engine (and owned by Google), so when used properly it can be a great tool to attract new clients rather than always chasing leads.

YouTube is very different in the way content is found. On Facebook, people are scrolling through their news feed, and if a video catches their eye — they click on it. With YouTube, users generally search for content they are looking for.

This is why we highly recommending creating a strategic plan for local and evergreen content that is valuable to your clients and prospects.


4 tips for growing your YouTube channel

Here are some helpful tips that have helped to grow our channel exponentially:


Tip 1: Create your channel for free, and start creating videos by planning and batching.


If you have not yet created a YouTube channel, head over to Google, and create a free account. Make sure you have edited your “About” section to include your contact info, and use a tool such as Canva to create a great cover photo.

As far as creating YouTube content, we recommend batching your videos — create four or five in one batch, and then create a plan for posting one video per week.

Stuck on what to say? Think about the questions you get asked all the time from your clients and prospects. Brainstorm a list of “evergreen” (or timeless) content ideas, and use a simple Google Sheet to keep yourself organized.

Here are a few topic ideas to consider:


  1. Should you have an open house? Why or why not?
  2. What is the process to becoming a first-time homebuyer?
  3. Rent or buy? How do you know when it’s the right time?
  4. What are your best packing tips for when you move?
  5. What are your favorite local businesses you could highlight?
  6. How do you find a good lender? What are the questions you should ask?
  7. How to move to _____ (your town)


Tip 2: Create quality videos for YouTube easily and efficiently by having a consistent formula for your content and for your video setup.


One of the ways you can effectively create a lot of great YouTube content is to start with a running list of ideas. Think about the past six to 12 months and the clients you have worked with, and then brainstorm a list of topics and questions that came up in conversation.

Also, look at your setup for video. Create a simple setup that you can replicate in your home or office. Look for a place that is quiet where you can easily set up a light and your phone or camera with a tripod.

I don’t think you need a lot of fancy equipment, but a great ring light and inexpensive tripod (that you can find on Amazon) work wonders. Record using your smartphone, and then transfer the video files to your computer for easy uploading using Dropbox or Google Drive.

Lastly, create a consistent formula for your videos in the beginning, middle and the end.

For example, a simple video formula might look like this:

  • Hook (what the video is all about)
  • Introduction
  • Video topic
  • Two or three points
  • Wrap up and call to action (Where can people go for more info or to work with you?)

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