10 clever ways to use Zoom for lead generation

Source: InMan
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Would you like to spend less money on your lead generation and trounce your competitors in the process? If so, Zoom is an incredibly powerful tool for lead generation, building connection and, ultimately, closing more deals.

Dena Jones, director of strategic partnerships and assistant vice president for Fidelity National Title in Phoenix, explained why Zoom is such a powerful lead generation and lead conversion platform:

“One of the biggest benefits that several of my clients have shared with me is that today, with the Zoom environment, they have the ability to create really focused, intentional, quality conversations and build rapport really quickly,” she said.

This then leads them to establishing a higher level of trust and generating more referral business. So, to put Zoom to work in your business as a powerful lead generation tool, here’s what to do.

1. Make your sellers the co-host of your next virtual open house

Many people are still uncomfortable about having people in their homes. Annette Anthony, vice president of technology engagement at Exit Realty, recommends partnering with homeowners to show their home virtually using Zoom.

To do this, invite your sellers to join your Zoom meeting from their mobile device as a co-host. Next, have them share their screen as they walk you and your virtual open house visitors through the property.

Now, here’s the secret sauce that really makes this approach work. As you walk through the property, interview them about what it’s like to live there.

For example, ask:

  • What does it feel like to live in your neighborhood?
  • What types of celebrations have you had here — birthdays, parties, neighborhood get-togethers, etc.?
  • Tell us about some of the best nearby restaurants.
  • Do you have a dog, and if so, is there a dog park or other fun places to take your dog?

“A homeowner describing their feeling about the home is gold.” Anthony said. “It’s one of the biggest opportunities for agents to leverage with Zoom — have your seller talk about how much they love their home and why.”

No 3D virtual tour, flyer or other marketing piece can compare with the authentic emotion an owner shares when they recall special memories tied to their home.

Best of all, it’s easy to post your Zoom video anywhere you market your listing.

2. Use Zoom to supercharge your buyer seminars

For decades, buyer seminars have been a proven way to generate leads face-to-face. Agents typically bring in lenders, appraisers, title reps, inspectors, home warranty reps and others to discuss current trends and statistics and to explain what consumers need to know about the purchasing process.

In addition to the social distancing benefits, conducting your buyer seminars on Zoom allows you to record the meeting and then repeat it at various times of the week, thus maximizing the number of people you can reach.

3. Qualify leads using the Zoom registration page

Did you know that the Zoom registration page allows you to collect all types of data about the people who attend your buyer’s seminar (or any other type of Zoom meeting)? Not only can you get their name and contact information, you can also ask questions such as:

  • Are you buying your first home?
  • Are you aware that many buyers can obtain down payment assistance?
  • Have you consulted a lender?
  • Are you working with an agent?
  • What’s your time frame for purchasing?

Gathering this data allows you to begin building a personal relationship with each person who registers for your meeting and ultimately increases the probability that they will do business with you.

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